1) The last resort booty-call.

2) Something you continue to drive on even though it could fail at any moment.
Guy A: "Yeah, I texted all my usual booty-calls but none of them replied. I'm going to have to resort to my bald tires."

Guy B: "What? There's like a 50% chance that's going to be a massive fail."

Guy A: "I'm desperate, man. I got no other choice."
by Mamolee April 10, 2017
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When someone is angry at someone else for something that the person their angry at didn't do.
Franklin was balding the tires at Teressa when she got home, even though she didn't break the vase.
by Editor man March 4, 2008
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Also known as a Gator. It's a piece of a recap tire that has come off an 18 wheeler and is laying by the side of the road but looks like a roadkill bald eagle. If you pick up roadkill birds for their feathers on the interstate, you see it but you can't stop, so you have to go to the next exit, turn around, go to the next exit, turn around again so you can get back to the spot where the Bald Tire Eagle is laying and discover it's a piece of tire, not a Bald Eagle.
We just passed a Bald Tire Eagle. We have to go back right now!
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