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-Angry porcupine that can and will kill you if it wants
-Hates broccoli boi
-Dislikes everyone
-Except for red spikey haired rock
Broccoli boi : hEY YALL HOW YOU DOIN-
Bakugo : *snarls and barks*
Broccoli boi : *screams* GET YO FUCKIN DOG BITCH
Red spikey haired rock : It don’t bite
Broccoli boi : yES iT DO SKNDKANDB
by someduck November 28, 2018
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A very angry boi who needs to be left alone... seriously

Approach him with care β€˜cause he is one angry porcupine
Deku: h-hey kacchan!

by Ducky Dank February 12, 2020
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A very stronk boi who is the manliest and a kingπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ I love the Angry Pomeranian with all my heart uwu He can be a bootyhole sometimes but He just a quality hooman that will become the #1 Pro Hero and he's super pretty and a soft boyo on the inside. Like look at his soft face
Bakugo: f u c k y o u Deku
Me: He so manly and cute
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by Kirishima May 24, 2019
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kacchan, katsuki, an boku no hero academia character that always mad piss or irritated
todoroki or bakugo
midoriya alwaly pronounce Bakugo, kacchan
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by ihateTodomomo October 07, 2018
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An angry blonde dude in an anime called My Hero Academia. Bakugos tend to love Kirishimas, but hate Dekus. Bakugos have anger issues, so run away when you see one! If you have green hair....You're dead, sorry.
Person A "You see that dude over there? He's such a Bakugo.
*distant screaming of some green haired gay guy who does nothing but cry*
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by _you_egg_ September 10, 2019
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A very bitchy slut.
Person: Bakugo is such a bitch.
Bakugo comes from jumping over a fence onto the roof.
Bakugo: I heard you were talking shit about me!
by SoftAndFurryTumor July 25, 2019
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