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The lead singer/bassist of the band We Suck.
"She" is a cross-dresser and is constantly mistaken as a guy.
She is one of those people that doesn't care what others think about her.
She was born in 1992, but insists that she's 12 and she hasn't reached pubrty yet.
Has all of her body hair removed except for arms, because she thinks it makes her look tough though she wants to look weak, but she's actually really strong!
Has a big tattoo of something unknown on her right forearm.
She is inspired by the band Mindless Self Indulgence and Bloodhound Gang.
She also played drums in one of her friend's band.
"When I say WE, you say SUCK!
We... SUCK!
We... SUCK!
-Baillie Bent "I'm sorry, but I copied that from a Mindless Self Indulgence song."

by Got Bent? April 18, 2007
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