A girl i met, she is the prettiest girl ever.

>she makes me happy
>shes always there for me

& i love her with all of my heart!
by Trenttt March 14, 2007
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A close knit family of gregarious athletic girls that are just as gorgeous as they are fun. They are always down for adventure and truer friends will never be found. Always on the cutting edge of music, social media, and fashion the Baileys are spontaneous in the extreme. Being Bailey is being in the now!
You're driving across the country to see us? Dude! That is so Bailey of you!

Our party will be so Bailey! Cute girls great music and fun games!
by Tjschwan March 28, 2015
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Bailey is the quiet girl that sits in the back of the classroom. She is beautiful and you could watch her for hours. She doesn't think she is beautiful or loved. She has few friends and 1 friend who is opposite to her and they are besties. She steals everyone's heart with her adorable laugh and her cheeky little smile. Naturally she has brown hair but is obsessed with it bright red being her favorite. She is considered EMO or scene but don't care. She likes few bands but is OBSESSED with a certain one and knows everything about their music and their personal lives. She spends too much time on the internet, mainly YouTube. She loves to sing and has an angelic voice but she doesn't believe is worth anything. She is happy and loves school, but she is sad a lot and when you ask her what is wrong she says "I'm fine" which worries you. You would love to be with her but am not sure how to ask. She is beautiful in every way possible. She thinks that she is worth less than nothing. But, she is super unique and special. Keep her safe.
(She also loves all memes)
Person 1: Have you seen the new girl Bailey
Person 2: yeah
Person 1: She is so perfect
*Bailey walks past*
Bailey: no I am not stop saying that
by Twentyonephantrash October 02, 2017
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A girl who has HUGE cans! Every boy is in love with her and she has many stalkers. Also has lots of friends but there are some people who hate her for no reason. She's pretty without trying and people want to kill her for her looks, but keep the pieces of her body in their closet in order to make a shrine.
Hey look over there it's Bailey! shes so hawt!
by weareawesome! August 18, 2009
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a nice guy that you immediately want to be friends with. sweet and amazing and funny.
getting off the bus he stops to let me out first
Bailey: Ladies first

me: thanks your so sweet
by arandomninjashhh January 22, 2011
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Bailey is funny. He charms the ladies with his good looks. He's been going out with a lot of girls but waiting for the right time to ask her out. he is usually short with brown hair and blue or green eyes.
Bailey is cute
by girl_on_the_block January 12, 2013
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Alcoholic beverage, best when consumed from a shoe. Popular at clubs where people wee on each other.
You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?
by FrankTheTank09 July 10, 2008
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