A word to describe a basic bitch, they taste good on the outside but are hallow on the inside.
β€œDamn that girl is fine but she a fucking bagel, I think the deepest thing we’ve talked about is her pussy”
by Sky Steezy November 01, 2018
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The superior "on-the-go" breakfast food. Works well accompanied with cream cheese, butter, jam, pretty much anything that you can spread with a knife.
Bagels; A short story.

I like bagels
They like me
Bagels are good
If you don't like bagels


-Smitty McBagelstorm, 1891.2
by CharlesJJJ November 03, 2016
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bagel (n) Holy food of the Jews.
Generic Rabbi: Ya call that a bagel? Sclomcka!
by chuffy_mcflannelslap October 13, 2004
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Next time you ask for a "shmear" on that bagel, you should ask for sprinkles too. Why? A "hole" lot of cheating at the Kwik-E-Mart, that's why. Turns out that Apu is selling chewy week-old donuts -- from the bagel bin! Is nothing sacred? In this reporter's opinion, no.
by Homer Simpson December 27, 2004
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