a word often used to name people with olive skin
Jimmy: Hey that bagel over there is looking cute.

Tom: Who, Angela? yeah she's alright
by amydidit December 13, 2015
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When a person or people are secretly indulging in very kinky and erotic sexual acts, but it is unknown to the general public
"OMFG! Jenny! Your boyfriend is totally bagels!!! He fucked my pussy like a monkey!!!"
by Lume9797 December 14, 2015
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When a girl is too attached too a guy or hasn’t like any other guy since the 3rd grade.
Boy:Dudes it’s that girl is an actual bagel
Boy 2: yah she need to move on too another guy
by Yo use my word January 24, 2020
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When you find something you think will be good, like a doughnut, but find that is actually a bagel.
"I pulled a chick last night Tom"

"I saw man! What was it like?"

"Meh, I thought she was hot, but she was pretty bagel"
by Gomery May 23, 2015
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An obese females "vagina" or "pee-pee parts".
Spacie always be locked in the bathroom scrubbin her bagel in between guys.
by Laughing at God February 15, 2021
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