The smell of booty, dick, & pussy combined.
She like, "Babe why it smell like badussy? Booty, dick, and pussy."
by zippermoth February 11, 2022
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Badussy is a highly praised and wanted part of a male's anatomy. Its components are booty, dick, and pussy or bussy
"It smells like badussy in here."
by scoobydoody February 28, 2022
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Something that wet creamy and gushy

Used to describe a butthole dick and Pussy
Damn John Lisa sure had a creamy wet badussy
“Sure did Larry”
by Eqvxi September 10, 2021
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Where the Graciepa family used to live until princess Graciepa killed her father, king Graciepa in there.
"Oh damn did you hear about the badussy castle murder?"
by Pixieperish July 6, 2022
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