A Woman Who's Swagg Is Official.

Trina Is Dubbed Da Baddest Bitch
Allanah is da baddest bitch i've seen so far, i mean look at the way she do her
by KookyCraze May 28, 2009
A misunderstood underestimated girl that bends you over and shows you what it's like to be fucked in the end for underestimating and betraying her and roasting your butthole for the disrespect turning in to the baddest bitch in the world. May have multiple personality disorder;)
I bent over and grabbed my ankles and the baddest bitch in the world fucked me in the ass for discipline not please for a life lesson to be ingested
by Nerf gun king April 30, 2022
A style of power walking that was made famous in the series "Aggretsuko".

This power walk is complex and can be extremely strenuous on the lower back as pointed out jn the anime. This style of power walking is said to show furiosity, power and distructive force. It literally is a way to say "im the strongest, fiercest in the room. No man or woman can compete at my level. Bow before me and my greatness"

When women use this men shutter and cringe to the corner while other women jaw drop in awe admiration. Its rather shocking to see many loose will when the wkmen pass with that "smug toughest business careerwoman " look on her face.
by Theamazinggeek August 20, 2019
Zane: Who's that?
Literally anyone: Oh that's Lynn
Zane: The baddest bitch in e-chat?
Literally everyone: Yep
Term used to describe the typical jig city bitch.
" Damn, does she really have seven colors in her head?"

Reply, " Oh, she does! Only the baddest of bitches and the most gutterest of hoes can pull that off."
by hello... April 24, 2008