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adverb: describing any act commited by a badass motherfucker.
"'Did you see that guy pull a knife out of his chest and throw it at someone?' 'yea that was some badass motherfuckery'"

also just about anything that Chuck Norris has done in his entire life
by blargblarg April 11, 2010
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1.) an exemplary display of overt confidence and mettle; usually characterized by invulnerability to any form of weakness and/or disdain for authority

2.)i.e the act of being "a bad ass motherfucker"
American Soldier (talking to President*): "So yea, my unit was pinned down by heavy enemy fire. I was shot 15 times and took an RPG to the face, but I managed to drag all 20 men to safety while taking out enemy combatants with nothing but throwing knives and bubble gum."

President: "I am utterly amazed by your Bad Ass Motherfuckery! Can I polish your medals, sir?"
by NoTsoReal February 09, 2011
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