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It's a bilingual way of saying "bad man" (the word "hombre" means "man" in Spanish). Some people claim that it's a racial slur. I would argue that it's not a racial slur, because it insults someone for the content of their character, not for their race.
Stay away from those boys in that alley over there, they're bad hombres.
by durpthesecond June 14, 2018
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Derogatory term directed at Hispanics.
~Offensive phrase; equivalent to honky, cracker or redneck.
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by Nasty Woman October 19, 2016
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It's a bilingual way of saying "bad man". A Bad Hombre is someone who is confident in themselves and often knows what to do in any given situation. A Bad Hombre can be any man who works hard and realizes the american dream. Basicly making a good thing from the derogatory term or offence phrase.
Bad Hombre, Bad Man.

He's just a BAAAAAAADDDDDDD Man!!!
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