a crew of mentally warped teenagers that use explicit methods to get drunk and piss in the street. on a night out they will usually insert their genital parts in to random objects such as drains. on one night out rich daz and eth hitch hiked to launceston and camped out in the car park on a small area of grass.
man, that group of bad boys for life really fucked up the school that nite. hump dinger bumble poo ass.
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A group of so called "bad boys' or gangsters, usually on bikes and without helmets, that are followed by a nerd. The said nerd has helmet, glasses, braces, etc. and is obviously tying to be hardcore. Upon seeing a group of this sort, it is common to exclaim "It's a nerd of bad boys!"
Sophie, Lilli, and Jebediah are walking down the street.
Sophie: whoa, did you just see that whole nerd of bad boys?
Lilli: yeah, totally
Jebediah: what?
by Spiedr November 27, 2006
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Bad boy soy boys (BBSB) are soy boys who are bad boys, the only difference between them and a normal person is that a BBSB will eat better food and date hotter chicks
Gaston is the baddest bad boy soy boy on the block.
by DATMOFO February 27, 2018
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referring to the orginal bad boy himself, none other than the living leg-end that is bad boy basi, he can do anything, he is just that bad. often found crawling the streets of troon looking for innocemts to pray on, then his dad calls an we get some pakora
also known as Dan, manfreek, manpoof, manpoof spasi, mr tickles, manny man
david attenbouroghs voice: "bad boy basi is lurking behind the tree, a young child is approaching, yet he waits.... the child is looking in the direction of bad boy basi, a most nervous stand off....
david attenbouroghs voice: "ohh and off it gallops, the bad boy basi is gone... probably going to feed on its second most favourite snack pakora, it is far much less hassle than a little child"
by darrylllll December 06, 2006
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A hairy upper lip, often of utterly disgusting appearance. Generally on teenagers with bleek outlooks on life.
Abreviation: BBTM
"Yo, check out that Bad boy teen moey behind the counter"
"That's a bad, boy teen moey you got there"
by HaydenM July 31, 2006
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