A guy who attracts a lot of girls for some reason since most end up sad, alone or pregnant, or worse, all of the above. He is also a douchebag but he's hot so it's okay.
Female 1: Hey, did you hear about Hunter?
Female 2: That Hunter left Sarah because she's pregnant? Yes.
Female 3: Damn, thats his 4th.
Female 1: Yeah but he is one fine piece of a$$.
Guy 1: You said it gurl. All girls love a badboy, even me. ;)
by DepressedKitKat January 13, 2019
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A bad boy is someone who is shy and mysterious. Donati is shy and mysterious. Donati is a bad boy.
OMG!!!! Have u seen donat? He is such a bad boy.
by Sehirbazja January 19, 2021
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one whom engages in deviant and obscene sexual acts within the general vicinty of public consciousness and awareness
you're such a bad boy, you, you bad boy you!!
by the poker January 05, 2003
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A bunch of prepubscent boys who think by watching Hollyoaks, they can turn themselves into these losers and look at it, girls are just suckers for these wimpy mummy boys

To reply to one of the early post...

A bad boy ugly as shit and no personality. He has a mohawk and lip piercing just to look like all others. He claims to like metal bands just for the image as he would be slagging them off at home and admits to himself that he has never heard of legends like Iron Maiden. He is in reality a sheep as there are plenty of boys like him as they think they can stand out in a crowd when each of them are just like him. He likes to think every girls thinks he does is hot and he thinks in his brain he really is. He likes to think he stands out by smoking just to rebel against his pampered life

Guys, everytime you see one, just do everybody a favour, smack him one in the face even if its unprovoked and there is no reason for it.
Another "bad boy" today haven't we seen enough enough of them, lets just give him a random smack in the face
by Joey Gaybot December 06, 2006
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a naughty lil hottie who is into badass things...girls, guns, fast cars. he hisses like a cobra and has a snake in his pants waitin to spit. he makes ya wanna suck the venom rite out. if ya lucky, he bites.
did ya see that BADboy in the bush? i hope he opens up his jaw wide and swallows me whole.
by bkinz October 15, 2011
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Fake Ass Wanna BE Record lable
Record Lable that Thinks They can compete wit 2pac but will never be able to because they are FAKE as a 7 dollar bill. They think the reppin hood life but they got no idea
P.Diddy is a faggoit ass badboy
by D June 17, 2004
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A guy who had bad things happen to him in his life. He drinks, smokes, steals, is gang affiliated. He's absolutely gorgeous and a player. He says all the right things to get some from you. He plays with your head and your feelings, but you love the way he makes you feel. The way he touches you, just a simple brush of your hand sends shocks through your body. When, you guys peck it quickly turns to making out. You can't control yourself when you're around him. He's an addicting drug. He's bad for you, but you can't let him go.
Robert is the definition of a bad boy; he's so bad for me, but I'm in love with him anyway.
by bananagirlbutdontlikebananas January 04, 2019
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