The energy of a woman who can walk out of the house looking homeless and still have the clapback game and confidence to put you in your place at all times. The type of confidence where you consistently know that you’re THAT bitch.
Wow, Sally just ruined Tom’s entire life in one sentence; he should have known better, she has so much bad bitch energy.
by AzuIa December 3, 2018
To have confidence, and to radiate an appealing demeanor. Having bad bitch energy is asexual, so anyone can inhibit the energy. It’s to be beautiful without looks always being a factor. You can be a ‘bad bitch’ or have the energy of one by being kind, pure and honest. Taking care of your skin, and dressing your best is apart of the energy but, not as much as your personality fitting the part. You can be a ‘bad bitch’ simply by carrying yourself well, having compassion and ambition. To speak things into existence, and to better yourself, for youself. Reading, writing, meditating, and working out are examples of ‘bad bitch’ energy. But, most of all it is how you feel! Practice love, spreading compassion, kindness, Intelligence, and a healthy lifestyle so you can have real ‘bad bitch’ energy.
Jhene Aiko - is the true definition of giving off ‘bad bitch energy’ because she shows compassion and love, and lives the lifestyle.
by formoreinfo November 9, 2021
When someone Looks like a Bad Bitch and is a Bad bitch
Sofia got Bad Bitch Energy,don’t no body want the smoke
by Cool guy 06 February 21, 2019