sydney schmidt
SC: @sydneyschmidt15
You know that girl Syd?”
“Yeah she’s a bad bitch!”
by sydschmidt February 17, 2020
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nicki minaj and the barbz and bad bitches 🦄💗 ain’t no fandom can compare. STREAM WHAT THAT SPEED BOUT 🧃💗
by minajway November 12, 2020
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The baddest of them all. The King or Queen depends on the day . Most people call it “NeronLive life to the fullest, technically better than everybody “ not my words” 😭.
“ There’s only one Bad Bitch and it’s Neron”.
by killerkat123 November 24, 2021
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Generally a female or an effeminate who has the power to shape the world around them to their advantage with their words and/or actions.
Jenna walked in and immediately closed the deal, because she's a bad bitch!
by DonkeyJazz May 18, 2022
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if you watch bad girls club season 14, you’d know
look up bad bitch in the urban dictionary
by strip4des December 7, 2019
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