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A drug that when taken causes no effect to your motor skills, perceptiveness or state of mind but will induce one symptom - over the next 15 hours, for approximately 2 seconds, the taker will see Kevin Bacon appear totally randomly, in any kind of way or place, and then dissapear with the same flippancy.

Popular amongst lay workers who ingest the pill to add excitement to their day, knowing that at any point Kevin Bacon will appear to them in an unforeseen fashion.
Hank took the bacon pill and went to work, 4 hours later he looked out the window and briefly saw Kevin Bacon sitting on the branch of a tree, flapping his arms like a bird.

John: 'I took a bacon pill at around 12 in the afternoon and 2 hours later i crossed into the Kevin Bacon dimension - I saw him walking a pram backwards down the side of footpath, wearing a pair of bunny ears and crying. It was wild, totally brightened up my day'
Fraser: 'man, i need to get my hands on a bacon pill too.
by Lounge Party June 01, 2010
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