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Backwood Bowls originated in the 707 area of Nor-Cal. Very similar to rolling up a backwood blunt with cannabis in it. Instead of rolling a whole blunt, you would put about a gram in a stubby piece of Backwood so you have a fatty. Roll one of these up and throw it in your bong and start ripping. The convenience of this is that you can smoke large quantities of weed of your bong without relighting. As a seasoned weed smoker i have found that this is the best way to consume my MEDICINE ...yours truly ShroomFlop
Lets go to the cannabis club, pick up a pack a woods and smoke a fat Backwood Bowl
by Michael Schlosser March 02, 2008
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Also known as a B wood bowl, a Backwood Bowl is the act of cutting a Backwoods cigar wrap into strips, and wrapping them around a bowl of weed, to form a single bong hit sized blunt. This is the most recent evolution of "rips", and therefore induces "zorbing". Backwood bowls originated in Fortuna, CA and are most commonly associated with the groups OTF, and SBI.
"Hey, want a B wood bowl?"
"First Backwood Bowl of the day is always the best zorb."
"I'm so happy I quit rips and only take B woods now!"
by Sandy Rips September 26, 2018
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The act of cutting up a backwoods cigar, putting about a gram of weed into it, and putting that into a bowl.
“Bro, let’s smoke a BB!”
“This backwood bowl really hits.”
by Pockymon January 08, 2019
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