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The Backstreet Waterboys is a term referring to a small gang within the Triads of Hong Kong. The Backstreet Waterboys are relatively unknown, although there are rumors that they are rising in numbers.

As rumor has it, the Backstreet Waterboys travel in groups with numbers ranging from 7 to as many a 15. The members are easy to spot due to their gym shorts and sandals, as well as a lack of a shirt. The leader is always marked with a white beach towel that hangs off his neck like a scarf.

Their crimes range from petty larceny to murder and assassination. They always attack in "packs" with modified boxcutters and switchblades.

All that is known of the structure is this:

1.) "The Coach" - Supposedly one leader at the top, however most Hong Kong residents believe this really to refer to a sort-of council.

2.) The Refs - The guards of the Coach. Usually law enforcement.

3.) The Realdogs - The bosses of the underbosses - they filter info to the Refs...supposedly. Some rumors float around here in Hong Kong that there are as many as 5 layers between the Realdogs and the Refs.

4.) The Underdogs/Underbosses - The bosses of the groups that commit the crimes detailed before. Easy to find due to the white beach towel.

5.) The Rookies - The men under the underbosses. It should be mentioned that the underbosses have a great amount of autonomy in how they treat their rookies, as well as how they are promoted.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear about the Backstreet Waterboys?"
Person 2: "Yeah, the towel dudes right? In Hong Kong?"
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by Offspree March 07, 2018
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