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To sneak off home without prior warning. ie. out the backdoor without telling people you're going. used in Whitehaven and surrounding areas.
Jolo- 'where did Richie ga last night Ang?'
Angie D- 'Dunno, he musta done a Backdoor Boogie'
by Jolo/Andrea November 14, 2009
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A porn made in the 80's in which two men try and fit their members inside a female's anus simultaneously.

The one great line from the movie is, "Come'on Barry, I bet we can get both our dicks in her at once."
Barry really stuffed that chick in Backdoor Boogie.
by dfu January 30, 2004
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Either -

a) Someone who ditches his mates early on a night is doing a back door boogie

b) A method of sneaking in clubs, thus avoiding paying the extortionate enterance fees, by kicking in the fire door and running straight into the middle of the dance floor so you cannot be spotted by the meathead bouncers.
"Dude i cannot be arsed paying £10 to get in here tonight"

"Fire door round the back, lets do a back door boogie"
by Ste Crayston June 23, 2006
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Refers to sex between two gay males, or anal sex with a female.
"We did the backdoor boogie a couple of times last night."
by Angelic_Sherry September 21, 2005
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