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A sexual feat that requires much agility. A female is bent over a hard flat surface that comes up to about her waist line. She then turns around and gives a male partner, who is standing exactly 21 feet away, a smile and a wink. The male then pounds on his chest like a silver back gorilla, transitions into a full out sprint before leaping into the air, making his body parallel to the floor, doing a 360 degree spin and slamming his throbbing cock into his female partner. First done by horny Babylonians, present day Iraq, that believed this sort of "sexual ritual" would bare the woman with a boy due to the force exerted on the testicles when they slammed into the females lower abdominal. Present day the feat is purely done for bragging rights.
Colin: Dude, what was going on in your room last night? It sounded like a zoo in there.
Tim: Sorry man, I gave Morgan a Babylonian 360 Testicle Slam.
Colin: Damn! Brita won't even let me do that!
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