Pamper me ( a cuter way of saying it :P )
Boyfriend : Hey, whats up?

Girlfriend : You dont even baby me now :(
by LilAshh August 23, 2013
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An indecent way of proposing marriage to someone.
Asking someone to be connected to you for the rest of your lives. Eventually, you will hate each other because of this.
Coined by 50 Cent.
by dafoeswords November 30, 2009
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Harry Styles: Baby fuck me, I'n so fucking horny

Taylor Swift: No, man whore
by ThatWeirdFuckGirl April 2, 2018
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When you rub your watch with a partner/partners to produce sexual stimulation.
You want to Rolex me baby.
by Kurd person August 12, 2021
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a slice of life anime that stars four main protagonists in a high school scene. It's really fucking weird but fun to watch at the same time
also it has like the best music ever
dude 1: Hey did you see episode 13 of kill me baby
dude 2: yeah, the ending was really good
by timothy10583 January 13, 2021
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Sometimes, this phrase is used during sexual intercourse, to order the female to do it better.
male:give it to me baby
female:*starts doing it more
male:aww yea, thats the stuff!
by KawaiiAnime October 27, 2003
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To fuck off or to shut up or to be dismissed. Blow me baby is a phrase frequently used by "Joe Cool", a YouTube personality. Joe Cool creates YouTube videos where he records police activity and often gets into heated debates with the police and will not hesitate to say "blow me baby" to a police officer. In one of his videos which has gone viral, Joe Cool says "blow me baby" to a female police officer and her reaction was priceless. Joe Cool is best known for his "First Amendment" activism, where he records police activity and does not hesitate to speak his mind to the police.
Police officer: Why are you recording me? Joe Cool: Blow me baby!
by PugFace Media February 19, 2020
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