1. To slip them a mickey. To drug their beverage. To roofie them. What's this in my drink?

2. The only valid response "what's this in my drink?", "why is the van moving?", and "am I being kidnapped?"

3. A phrase to be said whenever the topic of kidnapping or the drugging of beverages is relevant.
Mary: Dan will never love me back! What can I do to make him love me?
Sarah: Baby it's cold outside him. Boys love that.

Taro: Where the hell am I? Why am I tied up?
Ayano: Baby, it's cold outside..~

Kotonoha: So apparently friend Yuno slipped pills in her man's coke, tied him up, and fed him beef stew and called it "a date".
Yuri: Baby it's could outside.
by sandikun December 6, 2019
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