a baby choking to death, turning them an engaging blue colour.
oh shit my baby ate it's rattle!!!!
now the bloody thins blue!
by Ganstagirljksloljusme February 28, 2005
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if my life were a color, it'd be baby blue. usually numb and transparent color but for a tinge of soft blue, aka a mild case of depression/disillusionment. is notably evident in various places, making it somewhat thematic. can alternatively be used with ice blue or powder blue.

baby blue is that mellifluous ballad by king krule with a jazz blues chord progression in an alternate tuning
columbia university's color is sort of baby blue
my crush looks dreamy in baby blue
wow rory's boyfriend in gilmore girls is so romantic, he's a brilliant mechanic who made her a baby blue car that matches her eyes
almost transparent blue is a drug-fueled narrative of former love, existential confusion, and sensorily acute descriptions of a jaded hedonic life on an army base in japan
the cullinan dream and idol's eye are examples of large powder blue diamonds
alice glass has got the most mesmerizing pair of baby blue eyes
jessica biel plays a candle wax-coated stripper in powder blue
i used to have a baby blue underwear that was too revealing and didn't serve the purpose of underwear
one my favorite poets, kelsey rakes, likes the song baby blue sedan by modest mouse
icebergs have a baby blue color to them
sometimes we exchange our rose-colored glasses for ones that are pale blue.

baby blue is one of the hit singles by king krule.
rory's boyfriend made rory a baby blue sedan like the song, and it matches her eyes.

in god bless you mr. rosewater by kurt vonnegut, mr. rosewater's wife sylvia's ivory face turns a pale blue at the thought of ever meeting with him again.
via giphy
by The-real-cobra-queen September 02, 2019
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a word from the song 'the king of rock n' roll' that is used in the show 'im not okay with this'

this definition is from ruby Allsopp
ruby sings:"ma baby blues"
kiki says:"wheres that from"
ruby says:"don't you know, its from the show 'im not okay with this'"
by ruby22ykkx January 23, 2021
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A cool tranquil boy. A boy who doesn’t let anything faze him, he is detached, cool, and collected at all times. Usually has a lot of friends who look up to him. He makes you want to baby him.
Why doesn’t Guillermo react to any drama? He is such a baby blue...
by youalreadyknowthiss January 24, 2021
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Baby blue- used by select groups of southern men to describe a smooth woman. Blue being a color of calm/tranquility and baby being the typical playful name given. Hence, the overall meaning a smooth women the man enjoys to be around.
by Colleybrb November 11, 2018
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