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Another sad individual in relation to other Hoes including the Church Hoe!

They are commonly young, in their 20s if not younger, have children by either the same or different daddy, and most importantly Hoes in every nature.

Usually victims of hit and runs (when a male is just in it for the booty then disappears), the trauma seeps in and they become what they are known to be Baby Mama Hoes.

In some cases they are Hoes from the start, and just got caught up in the whole sexual ordeal one too many times perhaps.

It is in some cases that the baby mama has no idea who the father is if the victim is curious of who the innocent children father may be. Either its lack of memory to remember by the Hoe, or the suspected baby daddy is no where to be seen or contacted, or disregarded with the whole "I don't need him." speech.
Shawn: Della has 3 kids by 3 different fathers and none of them are present. She is feeling me though, and I think she wants to change.

Mike: She a baby mama hoe man. You aint the only one she done pulled that shit on. Or is pulling that shit on right now.
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
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