A race of people that are so poor they have to eat their own babies, if they dont have a pregnant women they will try to steal the next door neighbours babies and for this reason they are always at war with their next door neighbours
Grealis: i have no money, i need food

Hayden:You can eat one of my babies just a minute

*Hayden has a baby*

Hayden:here you go

*Bram steals the baby thinking its a wheelchair*

Grealis: dam i really wanted that if it wasnt for the cripplazi
thanks hayden dempster

hayden:dont worry i no your a member of the baby eaters tribe
by harrrissson robberrrts June 30, 2009
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This is a general person who has a fond desire to devour not only the flesh, but also the souls of small infants. There are many ways in which you can do this.
1.The first way is to find some one known as a "noob." This person will be a useful asset in order to draw the soul out of the delicious baby. So the "noob" will quickly gallop in circles like a horse around the baby spraying noobsauce on the baby, around the baby, and through the baby. After the baby is thoroughly covered in a thick layer of noobsauce, the baby should have start crying. This is now when you come into it. You quickly use an action figure of "Master Chief" to cheer up the baby. At this time the baby's soul will be at its most vulnerable time. When the baby starts laughing, this is when you grab him by the head and quickly slide him down your throat. If all of this has been done correctly, the baby's soul should now be trapped within your loins ready to be put into use anytime you need it.

2. This new way requires you to get the baby into an extreme state of joy. To do this you may want to take him to a live performance of Barney or the Teletubies. Once you can tell on the joyometer that was implanted into the back of the infant's skull that he has come to an extreme state of joy, you will be able to carefully extract the soul of the child. To do this you will need to put on heat resistant gloves and grab the baby. After this you must continue to vigorously shake the baby. You will continue shaking until you see the baby's eyes roll back into his head and a white gaseous form will escape through his mouth. You now take out your butterfly net and trap the white form in it not allowing it to touch your skin, for this white form is now at its most lethal state. Once all this has been done, you can now carefully devour the white form which is the baby's soul.

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1.Big, butch girls who would just as soon eat a baby for lunch

2. Mike Roberto
Yo, shes def a baby-eater
by Renegade December 06, 2004
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a person who gets pleasure from masticating babies. or in plain terms THIS IS A SUCK MOTHER FUCKER THAT LIKE THEM SOME WHITE BABY MEAT!

Ex.2 "Baby! the other other white meat Baby!"
-Fat bastard

Ex.3 Get in my Belly!!!
-Fat bastard.... again.. what a suck fuck
by i eat baby February 03, 2005
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N, Adj, Dennis;
A person who consumes the flesh of babies en masse for fun or nourishment, usually eating them whole without chewing in the Boy's Bathroom.
Dennis, Jail Bait:

Dennis was caught eating a wave o' babies.
by Gomz'z January 05, 2005
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