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Drinking game stunt when after everyone is naked typically from strip poker or strip quarters.

Step one: Remove cap from a cold long neck beer..

Step two: Apply thumb to opening of bottle and shake vigorously.

Step three: In one fail swoop insert thumb covered end of volatile tastey beverage into participants vagina...

Step four: When the baby chute is full of the golden nectar shove face between legs of female making sure to guzzle the beer from the cooch.

Optional: Hold your breath for a bigger buzz as you thrash the girls clit for being a good sport. If you can make her cum before you pass out you're a FUCKING GOD amongst muffin mackers...

Remember to drink responsibly, makes sure you don't spill a drop of beer (alcohol abuse) or penalties will ensue...

We got trashed last night! when the body shots got boring, me and the bros had baby chute beer bongs from these gracious chicks. Good times!
by mattyboyee November 06, 2008
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