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A term for a room that is not being used for it's original purpose, as one may imagine that not much coffee making happens backstage at an adult satellite TV broadcaster. Particular items which may also exist in this room can be referenced in a similar fashion; depending whether or not the speaker believes it is used more or less in the circumstance of a workplace where everyone probably spends most of their time on-set or 'doing things' in the toilets.
"We built it as a conservatory but it's turned into more of a greenhouse."
"Got yourself a Babestation Staff-Room then have you?"

Discussing potential new properties with the wife;
"Do we really need an extra bedroom? I can see it getting used about as much as the kettle in the Babestation Staff-Room!"

Buying a used-car;
Dealer: "I can assure you it's only done 50 thousand miles!"
Buyer: "I don't think so, it looks like it's been used more than the plug-socket in the Babestation Staff-Room!"
by Jamesn331 November 30, 2013
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