definition : be right back crying! To be said when your been sarcastic

Sophie made this word
Natalie: call meMy princess 👸🏽 ❤️“
Ben: No
Natalie : BRB CRYING
by sophiehthewordmaker January 13, 2022
When that one friend says brb and comes back in 4 hours.
Peter in an intense game: "oh man gtg brb"
Paul: "Oh no"
Chris: "Ah yes another Peter's brb. Im gonna cook some meal after game and wait for him to come back"
Peter, after 4 hours: "Sorry guys i was talking to my parents"
by Lupiinek June 20, 2021
When your friend says hes gonna be right back... He goes afk for 4 hours.
Peter: yo man i gtg brb
Paul: Lets go... another Peter's brb
Chris: Ah nice, see ya in 4 hours m8
by Lupiinek June 15, 2021
“Be right back, Daddy phantom” basically implies you’re getting ghosted.
Danny phantom: “I’m going ghost
The person says something like: haha your so funny

You: Brb Dp
by Switzo October 3, 2022