Being really bi (as the short word for bisexual)

A bisexual person is someone who is sexually attracted by 2 genders.
"He is brb he likes a boy now ..."
by Selim Parijare December 8, 2017
I'll BRB.
by trebleiscute November 15, 2021
dang she has some brb
by zeta February 8, 2021
Big Rotating Building
This comes from BFB Battle For Battle for Battle For Dream Island. In which is the 4th Season Of The massively Popular Web-series Battle For Dream Island
Person 1: Hey Look it’s The BRB!
Person 2: Are you Sure this BRB thing is Safe?
Person 1: It’s fine come on I’ve Been on The BRB Thousands of Times!
Person 2: Ok I guess?
by Bl0wingahoolie November 7, 2021
In a WhatsApp chat with your friends you might say BRB and go get a snacc
by Wolf 14 January 3, 2020