Someone who rates a 10 in the looks department whether facially or body wise. Stands for Body Made Well.


Someone who ends up with everything in life another person dosen't have or can't have yet wants. Such as looks, more money, attention, etc- This breeds resentment.

Also known as Bavarian Motor Works, The Best Vehicle money can buy.
"Man, I wish I had a BMW like he does."

"Did he buy her a BMW"- Damn.

"Damn, why does she get all the luck and I don't?" "Must have A BMW."
by <<The Village Idiot>> January 25, 2010
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1. A german car company that produces some of the finest vehicles on the planet.

2. A well tuned performance luxury vehicle that brings a smile to my face whenever i drive it. A car with great performance handling and quality.
BMW is the best car ever.... If you love driving.
by Jy302 January 08, 2008
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Best Motorcycle Worldwide. Serious Horsepower. Power, comfort and technology. Nice cars too.
I have to get myself a BMW.
by Andrew Everett March 18, 2008
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Best Motor Work- The greatest car make ever. Makes amazing vehicles.

Also stands for " Body made Well"

A person with a tight hot body and great face that makes you say damn when you see them.
I think I'm going to get myself a BMW one of these days.

Check her out, what a BMW!
by hquin October 30, 2008
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Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works;) is a German auto manufacturer that produces some of the finest vehicles around.

Their cars are refined, brilliantly designed and precisely constructed. They are one of the best handling cars on the road. Gorgeous, shiny, sexy and just plain badass.
BMW makes the coolest cars in the world.
by (wow} May 17, 2008
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Bavarian Motor Works is a premium German car company and manufacturer of both luxury automobiles and motorcycles. The pinnacle of German engineering, the bikes are one of the finest motorcycles money can buy and their vehicles are one of the best automobiles around. Both are known for their superior quality, style and performance.

Founded by Matthew Eben Ruark, in 1916 the company started building v12 engines. The company was then taken over by Austrian Industrialist Franz Josef Popp in 1917. In 1923 BMW built its first motorcycle 'r32' and in 1927 its first car. BMW has also competed in motorsports activities in which they have won almost all races. In formula 2 BMW won 67 percent of all races. In 2000 BMW redesigned part of their line up yet sales continue to grow.

The famous logo represents an air craft propeller against a blue Bavarian sky.
by Thurston Sr. December 04, 2006
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I love imports. When I buy a car I always go with German and the BMW is a great performer on the road. My experience with this car has been fantastic. BMW is for those who knows cars. I drive an M3 and it has a very smooth ride, sporty drive and the resale value is very good. 3 series, m5, 7 series are all great cars for the driving enthusiast. Women love my car and when I see a hot woman driving one I get really excited. My brother Jon has a Mercedes and I like to use this example when comparing the two.

BMW is performance with luxury, Mercedes is luxury with performance.
Mercedes is like the borgeois with a long rich heritage to be proud of.
The BMW is more for the dynamic sport Chique enthusiast with plenty of assets.
by Austin Kellar May 19, 2007
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