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A simple minded individual who has let a badge get to their head. BMW Douches often believe they drive the best car in the world, and that everybody hates them because they cannot afford one. This ignorance affects their driving skills as well; cutting people off, not using a signal light, tailgating, etc. To a BMW Douche, everyone that doesn't drive a BMW is a "hater", and simply hasn't experienced the "ultimate driving machine". They often purchase the bottom of the line 3 series, then consider themselves a true BMW fanatic, better than everyone else on the road. BMW Douches are becoming more common nowadays with low lease rates and abundance of available credit.
For examples of BMW Douche, type in "BMW" in Urban Dictionary.
by lolibear October 22, 2008
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One of those punk ass kids that pull up in their rich step dads alpine white bimmer. Rev the engine with one hand on the wheel, slouched down in the seat chewing gum. Trying to act like it is there car yet they don't know the value of a dollar or a day of hard work. They think that everyone should move out of their way and they drive way to fast for my liking. When I see one of them I automatically pull over to avoid a conflict on the road.
BMW Douche Driver: Yo Bro check out these toots' over there

Friend in passenger seat: Impress them, show them what the car can do
by Christo Tejada October 24, 2011
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When someone makes a lot more money than me and drives a nicer car like a BMW I call them a BMW Douche.

I can't stand the fact they can walk into a BMW/Porsche/Mercedes-Benz dealership and put down 50,000+ in cash for a customized brand new BMW with all the bells and whistles.

Or the person may have a good job/ more money in the bank than I do and The most convenient thing to do is call them a douche to make up for the fact I could never afford any of the possessions they can.

I really can't think of anything else to call them so I'll use Douche.
Look at that BMW Douche, I wish I had the money to drive a car as nice as that
by Booby.Ss April 23, 2010
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Someone who hates on BMW's and is therefore a douche.

Yes you are mad you can't afford one and no we don't lease. We Own.

You're mad you can't afford one and have nothing better to do than write lies and bs about those who can afford one.

Maybe you should stick to your toyota since you would never be able to afford to buy one outright let alone put 20 g down for one to walk out of the dealership with it.

We make 100'000's of dollars a year and can therefore afford a bmw, a bmw douche can't. aka a( hater)AS IN WE have more power and money than you do and can afford better cars.

You're a BMW douche because you wish you had one yet can't afford one.
BMW douche is the guy who's hating on them not the drivers.
by klimx March 13, 2010
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