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Blow My Ass Off.

Occurs when ingesting extremely gaseous-causing foods or attemping to reenact the burrito episode from "Man verus Food". You feel like you are missing the entire lower section of your digestive tract. Treatment requires a visit to a digestive health specialist which may not be successful. On a postive note, you will be exempt from the phrase, "Stick it up your ass buddy" cause you don't got one!
One day at school...

Jane- Hey Sally, do beans make you fart.

Sally- no, but your Mom's brussel sprouts always BMAO
by Russiachina December 02, 2011
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Blast My Astronaut Off. Clean version of 'LMAO', or Laughing My Ass Off, for wusses that don't like to cuss but want to stay scene.
Person A: and then I said, that's not a monkey, that's my wife!
Person B: BMAO
Person C: FAIL
by emandee May 20, 2008
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Brawlin my ass off

Related to the game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl." Its said whenever someone has been playing on-line alot.
Guy 1: Hey! Wat u been doin?
Guy 2: BMAO
Guy 1: Me 2 man. Cant find any1 good...
by Sumguy14 August 20, 2008
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