The best band ever...for those of you who think there music is juvinile and are offended by it..maybe there not the problem..u are. and for thos of you who think its not real punk..its not people who say it is are stupid asses...and for people who love blink-182....it sucks..they split up the best ever pop punk band to make 2 crappy bands +44 and angels and airwaves.

punk: blink 182 isnt real punk

hater: and they are very very bad boys

fan: there pop punk and FUCK YOU HATER
by blink-69 July 15, 2008
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the WRONG way to spell blink-182, which is the way the real fans, and also the band themselves spell it
guy: do you like Blink 182?
guy's girlfriend: it's spelt blink-182... everyone knows that... unless they're ignorant and can't spell!
by TheHyra May 25, 2009
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One of the most famous and best pop punk bands (ever is a little too dramatic...) You're bound to have heard at least one of their songs, and if not, then you epic fail. Anyway, they're an awesome band with awesome lyrics, awesome music videos, and AWESOME MUSIC.
"Dude, I remember when I went to a Blink concert..."
"What's Blink?"
"You don't know who blink 182 is?"
*shakes head*
*rushes to computer, goes on youtube, and puts on all the small things*
"Oh my gosh, THEY sang that song?!! woah, i love them!
"Yeah, right, dude. Listen to some of their other songs before you rightfully claim yourself as a fan. pssht...
by Cathy Kay February 26, 2011
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A misspelling that non-hardcore fans make for the band, Blink-182. Notice the 'dash'.
Kevin: Hey, who's your favorite band?
Bill: Blink 182, you?
Kevin: I like Blink-182. You spelled it wrong.
Bill: Oh, thanks.
by The Blinkinator-182 January 19, 2010
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a once highly popular band who went to shit when tom left.
person 2: Agreed.
by qwertyuhgfghuytrdfghw April 14, 2020
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