Big Fat Retard..The BFR is a person who is not literally retarded but is just an idiot. A BFR can be easily described as "that guy." BFR say stupid things that don't make sense and are rather, retarded, for a lack of other words. The BFR is a moron...
God Tom's a BFR! (Big Fat Retard)
by Not a BFR November 5, 2010
Stands for Battleframe Robotics, or Big Fucking robots from the Online game planetside. They used to pwn back around 2004 - 2005 until the community got the developer's attention to nerf it until it sucks.

It is a Bipedal Armored vehicle also known as a mech, however as of now since it was nerfed it doesn't really define a mech.

It has two variants, (Used to be 3) which the two are gunner variant, and flight variant for all three empires, The Flyer variant describes itself, it is a mech with flight capabilities but since it was nerfed it becomes a flying bullet magnet thanks to the bitchy planetside community complaining about the mech being too leet

To obtain the privalige to drive a BFR, you have to go into the caverns and score 75 unique kills and be accounted for 5 cavern facility captures. Many BFR owners complain that all the effort into getting the BFR is actually a waste of effort and time to get something that is shitty in combat.

Needless to say, if people want to drive and fight in real mechs they should play mechwarrior or something that has mechs in it. (The BFR's in planetside are an insult to the Mechwarrior Community.)

However with lame performance comes great appearance which actually does not surpass it's actual effectivness in general combat.
SoloSoftienoob: OMGZ!!1one a BFR!1 LAWL im gunna gets out my shotgun and go underneath the BFR and shoot it to death.

BFRpilot: Wtf?

Solosoftienoob: HAhah Pwnted! MY Shautgun is 1337!

BFRpilot: Goddamn a solo just went underneath my BFR and used his shotgun to blow it up, how the fuck does a gun that shoots out small beads penetrate my large ass war machine?! OMG!

Other Teammate: Stop bitching and drop it as a cert.
by Anti-bser-missile June 9, 2008
stands for Big Fucking Robot or Robots, pwn lots of people in online game Planetside but look shite
by Arrow January 10, 2005
Bang For Roof: When you don't have a place to stay, sometimes you have to Bang For Roof.

Most common amongst bridge and tunnel girls in NYC, East / South Bay girls in SF, East LA girls in Hollywood, New Territories girls in HK, 5th ring girls in Beijing, Pudong girls in Shanghai, Incheon girls in Seoul, etc.
I'm not waiting for the morning train again tonight, so I'm going to BFR with the first person who has an iPhone 5 charger
by catchmeBFR October 16, 2013
Big Fucking Rock.

An object that is big, fucking and a rock.
Tim: Where did you get that huge bruise on your forehead?

Tom: I tripped over a BFR, otherwise known as a big fucking rock.
by poli.sci.chick April 10, 2010
Bum Fuck Retard. used to describe an incredibly stupid person who does incredibly stupid things.
Alex: isn't that the kid who ate all that super glue?

Jay Jay: ya, what a BFR.
by Jacob Swiecicki "Jay Jay" February 13, 2007