1. A phrase uttered annoyingly often by Donald Trump, indicating you should do the opposite.

2. Words that are redundant if you're telling the truth.

3. An expression that has come to be associated with habitual/pathological liars.
Trump has a "tell." Every time he says "BELIEVE ME," you know he's about to serve you a freshly baked slice of BS.

Yes, I did wash my hands after that dump. BELIEVE ME!
by denumb October 14, 2017
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from saturday night live's hans and franz 'pump you up' guys

the idea that a 'truth' might currently be being dispensed, but YOU are too preoccupied, (or too "smart") to absorb it at this particular 'juncture'. you MAY (or may not!) be able to view it from another position sometime in the future, in a different light. (anti-'pot' people??, 'case-hardened' conservatives??)
this life is a double-edged sword!! alcohol isn't that great on the frustration/s!! pass me that gage and hear me now, believe me later!! -i need my "medicinal" marijuana!!
by michael foolsley December 26, 2009
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An expression pretty much meaning "believe me", only with an unnecessary "you" inserted in the middle.
That was a hard test, believe you me.
by SammiSeldowitz October 5, 2007
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1. When Earsh believes in you enough to find this word.

2. When Earsh accidently searches the word and finds this in the dictionary.
3. When Earsh accidently missclicks and finds this word
4. When Earsh drinks Viking Ale and then pisses in his keyboard striking the keys in accidental succession, resulting in the typing of this search by absolute chance.
Richud: "Holy shit, Earsh Believes In Me enough to find this word - I must be some kind of important person, or retard"
by Yale Literary Definition Inc. December 13, 2022
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Scholars maintain that the Mayans through translation of their sun dials and all of their wise worldly knowledge used to say believe you me.
The "you" being their god of sun who is all powerful and involved and responsible for everything.
I'm only funny spontaneously, believe you me!
by sethrsch March 4, 2009
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During the end of the spec ops, the line campaign John Konrad said this
No everything all of this it was your fault - Captain walker
If that's what you believe then shoot me- John Konrad
by Smart words sussybaka January 11, 2022
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