A pysco MD craving lunatic who can't be wrong or go 10 minutes without shouting.
Have you heard about Becca? She's been stealing MD and has choked Cal out!
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by Bobbymcbrown July 28, 2018
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Some times known as the cool person, beccas can be a real bitch and mean to people. Becca is also that one person in the office or at school that is protective or talks nonstop about her boyfriend shell slap any girl that breathes near him
Beccas boyfreind:Omg becca, I just liked ONE of her posts
by CatAteACat March 26, 2018
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The most amazing, nice, funny, beautiful, and cute girl there is. She always makes everyone laugh, and she cures depression. Everyone loves Becca and if you don't you probably like Amy Schumer. Becca is the best girl ever and everyone wants to date her. Shes so holy and innocent but can make dirty jokes. Becca is the most prettiest girl on the planet and deserves the planet itself. Becca is the best
Guy 1:Is that the prettiest angel ever?
Guy 2:No that's Becca but she is an angel and the prettiest girl ever
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by KennyBoy#5094 on discord December 18, 2020
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If you know someone called becca, stop it.
Becca is a spoiled brat who is babied by her friends. She does not care how you feel, and thinks she can get away with anything.
She never notices how bratty she is.
Probably top in kids karate lessons.
"is that becca?"
"aw, little becca-wecca, thinks she can get away with anything."
"I heard she's top karate kid though."
by Therealobama69 June 18, 2021
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Perfect and the most gorgeous and beautiful girl you will ever see and her smile is gonna make you want to be with her forever cuz she is the perfect woman you could ask and she has such a gorgeous body and she has such a nice booty and boobies
by Giulianomartineau4@gmail.com February 20, 2020
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