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an indian girl that is Swaminarayan and is 10 times hotter than the average indian girl. They are known to be reserved (there are exceptions) and use an excessive amount of sarcasm no matter what time of day it is. Also, they tend to make up their own language and you will not understand unless you are "in" with them.
fine indian chick walks by....

josh: damn that girl is FINE
sahil: i know she must be a BAPS girl

Guy: are you dorming next year at rutgers?
BAPS girl: no im Swaminarayan

Guy: You know where the best place to pick up beautiful chicks?
Guy 2: Where
Guy:BAPS mandir

BAPS girl: amgaah! caldstan asscram as agglass!
translation: oh my god cold stone ice cream is eggless!

Guy: so i went to the mall today and...
BAPS Girl: AH MA GAH awesome story do you tell it at parties.
by h2dubs August 07, 2009
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