A stand-up act- In the original act, Robin's prospective girlfriend asks him to take her and her son to Funworld, but when he agrees, she shows up with four more kids belonging to her friend Bébé. They terrorize everyone at Funworld.

Animated Film- The film made a few changes to the original story, reducing the number of Bébé's kids from four to three, and moving the location from Disneyland to a generic amusement park named "Fun World," which is totally demolished by the kids' antics.

Kids who are extremely noisy and loud and cause destruction, taken from the film. Usually ungroomed.

1. Have you seen Bébé's Kids, Robin Harris stars in it

2.Have you seen the animated film version its just amazing, they also made a game out of it.

3. Someone needs to take care of those Bébé's Kids
by SoHumhallelujah April 18, 2009
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