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Azeleah is a beautiful, most loving best friend and very loyal. She’s the type of person who really cares about other people’s feelings and if someone’s hurt she will most likely be the first one their to help, but don’t take her for granted she can be very tough she would take anyone down for her friends. She’s an animal lover, it hurts her to see any sort of animal get hurt which makes it hard for her to do lots of things. Although she is very kind and innocent she ALWAYS has guys lining up for her. She has that cute but also hot look which is very rare, but she’s to loyal to even look at another guy when she has a boyfriend. If you know an Azeleah... you better keep her because she’s the best and probably the person that cares about you more than anyone else!!
random person: who’s that girl over there she seems-
friend: thats my best friend Azeleah don’t go up to her im warning you. She has a bf and she’s so loyal i’m pretty sure she won’t even notice someone’s talking to her.

random person: but she’s really fine...
by asaprocky8264 August 24, 2019
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