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The most awesome, prettiest, sexiest, cutest, wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, delightful, cheerful, joyful, bubbly, dreamy, hottest girl in the world!!!!! So amazing with her curly hair, great style, and awesome body that you just fall in love with her no matter what! (Even when she acts a little bitchy you can't resist her!) You just can't wait for a hug and if you're lucky a kiss or lick on the cheek!
person #1: Hey did you get a kiss on the cheek from Ayluonne today?
person #2: No, but I got a hug so ha!
person #1: Well I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek!
person #2: That's not fair! I love her more! She's just so amazing!
by Pastryparakeet April 13, 2010
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