Aylo is the most fun person you will ever meet. She always knows how to make you smile and understands what you are going through. She is also always easy to talk to if you need some advice. If you ever come across an Aylo, keep her close.
How come no one hates Aylo”
by Girlzz12 May 20, 2019
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You’re probably coming from TikTok and removed the first and last letter of your name..... it is ok Taylor

I was this dumb too
TikTok: remove the first and last letter of your name
Taylor (Dumbass) :AYLO
by Taylorc55 June 12, 2020
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A very rare name, a boy who is shy at first when you meet him but when you know him more he's real outgoing and sweet. He's always there for you. He's a sport geek, he's very adorable and good looking, he has a good taste in clothes, music, food, etc. he's a perfect boyfriend, he's also human tho everyone makes mistakes but overall a real one!
Damn Aylo is a beast
by Alice908724 January 08, 2018
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