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Aylesbury High School is located in Aylesbury- a town near Luton and London. Although popular opinion of Aylesbury is that it is full of pakistanis and chavs (which is true but though most of them are twats, they are also harmless), it is normally safe.

In Aylesbury there are three Grammar schools. The Henry Floyd, The Aylesbury Grammar School(the boys school) and Interlinked with the Grammar, the Aylesbury High School which is a girls school. AGS and AHS are across the road from eachover. They join up for School Plays, clubs and other things.

It is supposedly common Knoweledge that people from AGS arre all gay and people from AHS are Lezzies. They arent, I know of onlyone person who isnt heterosexual, and they are bisexual. if you still think this, try walking between the two sschools in the morning. You wont ever see so many couples snogging in one place, and no gay/lez kissing.
Steve: you going past Aylesbury High School?
John: Yes.
Steve: Good luck.
by bobbyface123 December 12, 2010
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