Ayas is a popular boy. He is the best friend a person could have, because it's normal for him to help others and be kind. Even though he's such a good guy, he is one of the shyest people in the universe. But if he's with friends his shyness goes back and he can have a good time with them and make everyone laugh, because he's the funniest guy in his friend group.
He has such big honor that he defeated a simp and an eboy to become a thots layer and now he slays every tho, t even though he's fat and ugly.
Ayas that joke was so funny bro.

Thank you Ayas you Ehrenmann.
by Robotaku March 12, 2020
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A girl who can't spell for ffs, very chaotic and has a pea-sized brain.
Aya: hi guts hiw are yooy 😈

Friend: stfu ☺
by Yoonbums November 02, 2020
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A girl who can't fucking type ffs, has a pea-sized brain and has chaotic energy.
Aya: hehy guts hiw are yooy 😈😈

Friends: Stfu ☺
by Yoonbums November 02, 2020
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A very lesbian person who always has great outfits in mind and colored hair .
Aya: hiii I'm Aya
Other person : I know, we can see it.
by babcia69 November 01, 2020
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Aya is the most aesthetic girl, she is very vintage but skater girl at the same time. Very good at writting but a bit less at grammar.An aya is very funny and she is always here to help her friends. Anyways luv if you have an aya in your life keep her
Dammn who is this girl

Omg, you don’t know who that is. This is aya the fashionnista

Omg! I wish i had her style
by Liangels June 15, 2020
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Aya's a name. It means miracle in Arabic. A lot of the Ayas you'll see are pretty, kind and faithful, a true QUEEN! They are also great friends.
Person 1: "Oh my God! Aya is so sweet! She helped me get through my sad day."

Person 2: "Yea same. such a kind person! I love her so much!"
by HijabiPapaya October 08, 2020
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