The inexcusable act of abandoning your boys in pursuit of something less important than raid.
Repeat offenders are referred to as "aww yeah guys".
"Did you guys hear? The new Marvel movie is out."
"I guess Zance will be missing raid tonight."
"Yeah, that dude is an aww yeah guy."

"Hey Rak, Tame Impala is in town this Tuesday and Thursday. Are you gonna aww yeah?"
by notanawwyeahguy August 19, 2020
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a phrase added to the end of any sentence to emphasize awesomeness.
Let's have sex, aww yeah.

there is jizz on this pizza!
jizz on the pizza? aww yeah.
by FeenImoan November 1, 2010
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A moment wile playing a video game that you just can't explain the sheer awesomeness of.

(People who play League of Legends seem to have the most of these)
Justin: Hey Zac! I had an aww yeah gaming moment yesterday!
Zac: Cool what happened?
Justin: I was playing LoL and single-handedly won the game for my team!
Zac: That's pretty sweet man!
Justin: I know right!
by Zacm06 February 25, 2014
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