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Synonyms: Hell, apathy, unhappiness
Antonyms: fun, fond memories, diversity, education

Avonworth is a small public high school in suburban Pennsylvania. It is located in a nice rural neighborhood on the top of a pretty rural hill and surrounded by pretty rural houses. There are about 400 students total here, and the attached middle school has around 250 students. There is virtually no crime and no fighting in the building, and everybody knows each other. There is an excellent student to faculty ratio and all of the teachers know all of the students. Sound like a wonderful place to spend your teenage years? I'll let you in on a little peice of advice on the topic, look into private school or suicide.

Let me start with the student body here at avonworth. There are only two places on this earth that are more non-diverse that avonworth: a KKK rally meeting, and Texas. As i walk through the hallways at avonworth, I can count the African-American students on one hand. This may actaully be a good thing considering how racist people actually are at this school. Yes, people are racist, they are just too stupid to realize it. Numerous times i have heard jokes concerning Black people, hispanic people, Asian people or any other nationality that is not a WASP. I actually heard a girl say she was proud that she was a true blond-haired blue-eyed jew hating Aryan. At this Hell hole its commonly accepted that all urban black people fall into the category of murderer, drug dealer, or "gangster." However this false generalization does not stop the people at this 97.3% white "melting pot" of blasting predominatley black rap music, modeling their wardrobe after black cultural style clothing, and driving around in their "pimped-out" ford focuses. Next there are the "jocks." Now when I say jocks, I mean the football players that think they are hardcore because they play on an abysmal football team that in the event that they ever actually won game, walks proudly around the hallways with their shirt sleeves rolled bragging about their win, and not mentioning their 1-10 record. All the other guys sports teams at this school realize that they suck and don't masturbate to their own "manliness." Don't get me wrong, there are some normal football palyers, just not many. about 60% of the women here fall into the category of stupid bitch with an IQ of less than their body weight. They all study for hours and hours and then like to brag about how smart they are when they get an A on a test, like anyone cares. Most of these girls are stuck-up and so wrapped up into themselves that it would take years of explanation and daily bludgeonings for them to realize that they are not special and nobody outside the avonworth "bubble" gives two shits about them. The rest of the morons try to fit into some MTV trademarked group to save their individuality, but end up just looking like a moron with "pre-punked" clothes from hot topic. People here smoke alot of weed just so they can not notice how stupid their classmates are. It gets even worse, but I think i might slam my face into they wall if i go on about the student body.

If the student body is comparable to curdled milk, than it is safe to say that the administration at avonworth is like a piss covered shit sandwhich. In the past few years avonworth has undergone a complete administration change. We went from moderatley effecient, to facist. The reason for this influx in shitty admin staff is because of the rediculous choices made by the horribly ineffeicent school board. It began putting in school board friendly morons that allow the school board to basically run the shcool how they want it. In the last year, avonworth has lost most of the few good teachers it has, and all of the remaining ones are on theri way to early retirement. If the admin. doesn't like a teacher, then they force them out and hire a young inexpirienced moron to come and babble on about nothing because they really don't know what they are talking about...but who cares, because they are so terrified of getting forced out that they are essentially administration bitches, and thats what really matters according to the admin. They also make really stupid decisions about what to do with money we recieve. With a million dollars sitting in the bank for a new project to help make education better at avonworth, the admin. everybody began brainstorming about all of the thing it could be used on. The elementary school could use air conditioning some said, others said that there aren't enough rooms in the high school, so thats where the money will, and even some said that the money would be used to completely modernize the computers at avonworth. Can you guess what the admin. did? They decided to spend it all on a brand new astro-turf field for our killer football team. Now, not only are others schools excited to come to avonworth so they can grind the team into the ground, but now they get to do it on a nice field too. The admin. also frowns upon disagreeing with them. I know a couple students who were called down to the office, berated, and threatened because they put up anti-admin. signs. Nothing offensive or crude, however it is supposedly a major offense to disagree hear at avonworth. I'm not even going to go into the problems with drug lockdowns at this school. Like the student body, their are worse things about the admin. but i will leave that to anyone with a strong stomach who wants to write a follow up definition to this one.

Now we get to the fun part about avonworth, the education, or lack there of. This school is easy, easy, easy. it does not prepare anyone in the least for college. 80% of the people who go here pass with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You can literally just "show-up" for classes, and by show up i mean physically be there, and still pass that class with a C average for the year. not doing any homework, not studying, not even taking your bookbag home, just walking in there and sitting down gets you by here. This doesn't teach student how to be anything but lazy and apathetic. Laziness is a real problem here; the smartest people in this school are usually the laziest because they learned in 9th grade taht they can just coast on through and still get into a good college by the end of their senior year. The cirriculum here is laughable as well. With the exception of a few challenging classes, avonworth's courses can be compared to a middle school course at any other High school. I went to a pre-college camp this summer, and realized that i had a 3rd grade education compared to all of the other High school students attending the camp. Avonworth is known for its lazy ass students who get by by just staring at a wall for four years.

Again, there is more to this shithole that i haven't mentioned, and it gets worse every year...but i am already vomiting all over my keyboard, so i can no longer continue...
People are ashamed of the fact that they go to avonworth.
by 9 more weeks March 31, 2005
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