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A public high school located in Auburn Hills, MI. Avondale is not a city; rather students come from the cities of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Troy and Bloomfield Hills. AHS offers a small community feel; currently, around 1100 students are enrolled. Avondale is commonly regarded for its diversity, both racial and socioeconomic. AHS not only provides a quality education, but also offer a priceless cultural education. Wealthier, predominately white and asian schools in surrounding parts of Oakland County often pinpoint Avondale as "the area's black school". However, graduates of Avondale will frequently speak of how attending AHS has shaped who they are today and has made them better, more socially aware members of society.

Avondale students are known for their remarkable contributions to their local community and to those abroad. In recent years, students have raised funds for the construction of a school and a hospital built in Lupanga, Tanzania, as well as four homes in Titayen, Haiti.

In 2011 the boys’ varsity soccer team won the division 2 state championship. In 2012 the boys’ varsity track and field team won the division 2 state championship.
John: Hey Mary, long time no see. Aren't you excited to finally be in high school next year?

Mary: Actually, I'm not going to Avondale High School. I'll be at either Marian, Troy, or Notre Dame next year. There is no way my parents would ever let me go to that ghetto high school.

John: Really? I'm excited to go to Avondale High School next year. Especially because alumni tell me it prepares you for the real world. You learn how to comfortably deal with all types of people. Furthermore, I can't wait to become involved. There are just so many opportunities to give back. Even better, when I graduate my head won't be stuck up my ass like yours is. Have fun next year though.

Mary: You sound excited. Be careful and look out for those black Pontiac kids, they might shoot you.

John: *Sighs* Oh ignorance, if you only knew.
by thetruthwillsetyoufree21 January 02, 2013
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