A gorgeous and fabulous girl. She succeeds at pretty much everything and is a very chill person. She makes friends quickly, due to her charm. Her charm often attracts people to her, though it might be hard for her to realize how many people love her.
β€œAvery is so cute, I wish she’d notice me.”
by Inkstains March 23, 2019
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The type of girl who is really nice to everyone, even though some people may not like her. She is insecure about her looks or how others see her as a person. She believes she is ugly af and doesn't think anyone actually likes her. She treats herself harsher than she does others. She can be a rude person, but she isn't rude on purpose! She has gone through many things that others haven't gone through, which makes her personality seem mysterious.

Couldn't think of anything :/
by axcxl March 11, 2019
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An Avery is a person who is someone who can be defined by these words: attractive, outgoing, funny, awesome, crazy, dumb, the most amazing best friend someone can ever have. This person is usually sarcastic a alot, but that is what makes them funny and just makes Avery's, Avery's. They love the colour green and jeans. Avery does not think she/he is attractive but in reality is the most attractive and beautiful thing to walk this earth. They are usually the most attractive and most popular one in the school, but fails to realize this. They have lots of friends, but makes sure that the ones most important in her life are valued most (her bestfriend and bff or gf). They are flirters but are also faithful, and a crazy partier and everyone loves them!
Person 1: Hey did you see that very attractive person?!

Person 2: ya that's Avery, Avery's are so amazing!
by Ukulele player January 30, 2017
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Avery is not a name for the faint of heart.

A child (Boy or Girl) given this name will need time to grow into the name; but once they have, they won't let it go for any reason.

P.S. Although it is becoming common for girls to be named Avery, the correct feminine version is in fact Avril
Sally: Hey Adrian
Avery: That's not my name Dammit!
by Subtotal June 30, 2012
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An incredibly beautiful girl
Boy 1:Dang that girl is beautiful!

Boy 2 :Yeah her name is Avery
by Cy Renuk October 15, 2008
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A unisex name, more commonly a female name. She/he is smart, cool, laid back, awesome, sweet, nice, athletic, smart and just freaking awesome! Avery is preferred as a girl's name, Averys are very creative and believe they can change the world and make it a better place to live. She is also extremely artistic and usually has brownish hair and grey-blue eyes. She is pretty but doesn't relize it, she doesn't have very many friends cause they think she's nerdy and a complete weirdo. But she is always nice and keeps her cool at all times. Generally she's just an awesome person.
Person: Wow! That picture is awesome, Avery!

Avery: Thanks.

Person: You're so awesome!

Avery: Thanks! You too!
by Awesomest Person Ever!πŸ˜‹ February 07, 2015
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A beautiful girl, very nice to everyone she meets. Loves animals and also loves helping everyone. She also has beautiful long luscious hair... everyone is her friend
DANG did you see Avery she’s sooooo nice and gorgeous !!!
by Kitten Lover123123 February 04, 2018
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