Avery is one of the most amazing people in the world. She has the biggest butt and it very tall. Avery is also loyal and will find her true love one day. She is also very hot. She is also very funny even when she doesn’t try to be. Avery is there when u need her so you better treat her right and not use her. She can be so kind and have the best time with her friends. Avery doesn’t care what most people think of her and she know that is how god made her.
Dang, Avery is so hot and is so loyal and has the time of her life and doesn’t care what people think.
by booboochild June 19, 2018
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A beautiful girl with an amazing body. She is so outgoing, loud, crazy, funny and cool. She is kinda popular, but always sticks with her true friends. All the guys want to get with her, but they have no chance.
Steve: "Damn! Look at Avery she is so hot."
Jeff: "I know right."
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by finessedurbitch December 10, 2016
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A MALE Name meaning: If a father had any kids none of them would amount to my son Avery.

Avery is the guy who is super Rockin at night wit all the ladies and super skilled in science.
AVERY: "DAD why did you name me Avery"

DAD: "SOn, all of my kids combined couldn't add up to your greatness, you rock son"

Girl: Avery can you help me with this test I am failing.
Avery: Sure and after lets play recess baby

Observer: I wish I was Avery
by funandlove February 05, 2010
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Avery's are tall, funny, intelligent, hot, and the best girlfriend anyone could ask for. She is kind but if you do anything to someone she is close to, I'm warning you she's going to mess you up for good! If she doesn't like you she'll let you know by roasting you, having a dance or rap battle and most commonly she will point out your mistakes because she is smarter than you. And she will drop a diss track on you that is more lit than fire! She is really good at sports and many girls in her class make her sick. She can kick anyone's ass, and if you're lucky she will consider you a good friend. She can be a believer in revenge but she is a great person and friend to have. If you have a chance make sure to befriend an Avery. She is definitely a great friend and a keeper for sure! Avery is also really kind, funny, awesome and a great best friend to have!
Bob:Why are you smiling?
John:Because an Avery has a crush on me!!
by it's yo girllll April 28, 2017
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Avery is an amazing person who will alway be kind and amazing. She is probably a good singer and actress and will most likely to be famous one day. She is flirty but only to boys she likes. she is beautiful but does no think she is, and if others tell her so she will shrug it off. Avery is a person you should keep and hold close because she can help through think and thin. She is a funny and smart person that can help solve problems. Always keep an avery close because everyone needs an avery in their life!
Did I met a girl named Avery the other day

Dude keep her, avery’s are the best

Okay dude I will
by Tru_facs November 02, 2019
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avery is usually a black guy who is very funny, athletic, and funny

girls love him and guys respect him
"Hey that black guy is pretty funny. Those bitches are all over him."

"Yeah he's a total AVERY"
by koolguy112345 October 26, 2008
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One of the most sexiest girls alive. She has a nice butt that makes the boys go wild. She has a great body. Shes one of the most beautiful people to ever walk the face of the world. She isn't afriad to tell you how she feels. Very popular and well known. Usually has very stunning brown eyes that match her light or dark brown hair. She has and amazing smile that can melt the hearts of others. She is usually very artistic and smart. She is the life of the party. She is very protective of her friends. In a relationship she gives it her all and usually ends up heart broken. She is has many weak spots and only opens up to the ones she trust. An Avery is vet ablovious and doesn't know when she's being taking advantage of. She's is also a spitfire and has a very bad temper with a really big attitude.
Person #1: Hey, do you see that really hot girl over there?
Person #2: Oh yes that's Avery!
Person #3: Man, she's really hot and has a nice package behind her!
by Taylor131313 June 16, 2014
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