avery is a very silly person. she loves to make people laugh and crack lots of jokes. she loves her friends a lot. if one is upset she will want to know what exactly is happening and what she can do to fix it. she loves her family deep down inside. sometimes she argues with them but when it comes down to it she loves them a lot. avery probably has 2 dogs and a cat. she loves pigs and llamas. avery loves the color blue and vintage design. she wants her room to be a combination of those 2 things. avery is an actress, singer, dancer, and artist. she loves the performing arts, and wants to become an actress when she gets older. avery used to play soccer and still has some skills. she loves school and is very gifted when it comes to learning. usally an avery is very happy unless something big has happened. her friends describe her as loud, funny, silly, outgoing, crazy, stupid, loyal, and smart. she will do anything for the most important ppl to her -her bsf and bf. avery enjoys reading and into multiple fandoms.
girl 1: im feeling rly down. i just got dumped
girl 2: rly!? well lets go get avery she can help
girl 1: great idea! avery always makes me feel better
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by someone*22 November 15, 2018
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1.) A dummy thicc man with who’s passionate yet has the chillest personality ever.

2.) A male name originating from England that means “elf king”
Bro 1: yooo u wanna smoke dude? Btw your ass looks nice
Bro 2: totally man, and I know. my names not Avery for nothing
Bro 1: you’re the best elf king
by Water? August 22, 2019
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Great guy straight up needs an Aleah W he is so cute hot and has beautiful blond hair and loves to play sport and talk as Aleah and there a great couple Avery is amazing.
by Read it and you will like it!! December 13, 2019
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Avery is an amazing kind hearted person she is the most lovable and adorable person you could meat on the planet she is soooo cute but if you say something she doesn’t like your gonna pay if you have an Avery as a girlfriend your the luckiest man alive.
That guy’s girlfriend is an Avery
by Gavin Kremer Avery’s BF March 11, 2021
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when there is an abundance of avery

applicable to other names, e.g. katy;katies, emily;emilies
"where are you going?"
"me and the averies are going to the mall together."
by sagefreezeedition December 01, 2020
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