She used to be shy but has changed to be an extremely talkative person. She secretly likes this guy who is a friend of hers, and she knows he will never like her back. Her friends drag her into drama and no matter how much she hates it she has to be friends with them. She loves her family and friends. She wishes she could be as pretty as everyone else but also wishes and didn’t care.
Avery(in her head): ugh y do I have to like him
Him: wait what did u need to ask me?
Avery: my friend needs help on the hw. I just need to txt it to her
Him(puts hand on phone while touching her hand):I’ll do it,
Avery(in her head) oh my god why
Friends: Avery likes himmmmm
by psistillloveu February 02, 2019
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an avery is an amazing friend. If you're friends with an avery dont let her go. She is kind and caring and will protect you like a mom. She is normally very tall and she has medium brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She has an amazing sense of fashion and people find her attractive but thats not what defines her. An avery is really funny in her own way and normally has one friend that she does weird things (NOT LIKE THAT-) with and they make people laugh. For example, you might find avery in the middle of the classroom with that one friend laying on the ground and avery standing over her just being weird. She is very lovable and has a nice computer. Avery is good at art and loves theatre, dancing, and singing. She's very friendly and you will have a lot of amazing memories with her. Also all of this is true and i wrote it for my friend who I wont be seeing as much cuz im changing schools. AVERY if ur reading this and you think you know who i am i love you and ill miss you :P
example sentance :
person 1: *cries and explains their problems*
avery: *knows what to say and makes jokes and listens to what you have to say*

person 2: Wow shes so nice, I bet her name is avery
person 3: yeah shes so funny and kind :)
by bitchin' eggos June 04, 2020
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person who listens to tik tok songs only
wow ransom, another avery song
via giphy
by YEIEIEIEIT November 06, 2019
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A very tall nice girl. Has long dark brown hair and Dark brown eyes. Very gorgeous. She is very tan. She is a girly girl who likes to watch basketball but not play. She loves her boyfriend and Bestfriend. If you find an avery never let her go. She is very caring and loves her family. She likes school but only to see her boyfriend. She LOVES math. She laughs at everything all of the time. She is one of a kind
Guy: “ wow bro did you see that girl she was absolutely gorgeous”
Guy #2 “ Yeah i did she’s so gorgeous”
Avery walks bye*
both guys “wowwwww she smells so good
by avery444 January 16, 2018
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Girl- A girl with the name Avery is average in school, good at giving advice, very outgoing, very friendly, and has much spirit. She LOVES theater and basketball. She makes enemies, but learns to forgive them. She is a hopeless romantic and whenever she finds a boy she likes, she doesn't stand there, she goes and gets him. She is more of a dog person. Loves fashion. Loves her 2 best friends. She wants to change the world, one smile at a time. :)
Friend- Avery!! I'm having boy problems! Addison likes Joey too! And I don't want to hurt her!
Avery- Give it time. Just be sure you talk to Addison before you make a move on Joey! ;)
by OwlBubbles February 01, 2014
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Awesome Male Name. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "elf or magical counsel". Transferred use of the surname, which originated in the Middle Ages from a Norman French pronunciation of Alfred.
Avery is an awesome guy.
by Sarahfina February 03, 2010
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