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A dangerous cult that doesn't allow you to listen to, or talk to, or even look at albums for any band that isn't Avenged Sevenfold. People usually tend to join this cult after going to an A7X concert, and their friends are left with no means of helping them. You can try to show them that there is other music besides A7X, but it will be in vaine. the best thing is, is to move on. It's similar to if they became a zombie, there is just no hope for them. It is their belief that A7X will come down for them in the next 10 years or so in a spaceship, so they can live in a place where good music doesn't exist.
"dude you've got to help me! i went to this A7X concert, and now these people in robes are telling me that i have to go live in their Avenged Sevenfold Fanclub commune. he's really convincing tho, he sais that they have punch"
by sirjamestitsmcgee February 07, 2010
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